Thank you for taking the time to visit the official Ferguson Puzzle Company website, the online home for my unique, hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles.  I hope you enjoy your stay and leave just a little bit......puzzled.  

This is a non-commercial website, with the purpose of sharing my passion for jigsaw puzzles, and the artistic techniques I implement in those which I craft.  I hope to inspire others to "rediscover" the simple pleasure of jigsaw puzzles and evenings spent with family around the kitchen table. 

All of the puzzles displayed and discussed on this site were made for my own family's enjoyment from privately purchased art, and are not offered for sale.   Although my puzzles are not available for purchase, I hope you find yourself on an inspirational journey as you explore my magical jigsaw world.  Puzzles can be so much more than just an assortment of interlocking pieces, and I hope you leave feeling uplifted, enchanted, and just a little bit.... puzzled!

Please take your time to browse around the site at your leisure.  You will find information about how my puzzles are made, certain special features which might be found in them, and even the personalities of some of the Figurals which like to visit from time to time. 

Please be sure to visit my Puzzle Gallery.  There you will find selected puzzles which will be displayed and discussed in more detail.  Check back often as new puzzles will come and go.  Please enjoy!

My Commitment

When I cut a jigsaw puzzle, I hope to take the assembler back to an earlier time before the use of complex machines and mass production.  Instead of the familiar cookie-cutter style cardboard puzzles produced from factory cutting dies, I craft jigsaw puzzles by hand, one at a time, and piece by piece, from high quality wood.  I put original heart and thought into the creation of every one and, as a craftsman, hope to make something which will be unique, cherished and passed along for generations to come.

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